Youth Department

"You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus..."

2 Timothy 2:1

At True Believers Church, the mission of our Young People Department is to effect real change in the lives of children and youth in our church and community. We provide opportunities for participation in activities which will empower young people to live victorious Christian lives. We encourage our young people to discover and present their talents and skills with confidence. Our desire is for them to wholeheartedly commit to working for the Lord by using their hands to render services that benefit others. Therefore, one of our goals is to increase our youth’s participation in community service projects, as well as, outreach and evangelism efforts. We encourage our parents to get involved and provide the necessary support in keeping their children involved in spiritual activities and healthy life practices.

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Youth Meetings
Every 2nd Sunday Following Morning Service

In our youth department meetings we discuss upcoming youth events , brainstorm ideas for youth fellowship and future events, and end with a mini sermon by our Youth Minister Timothy Griffin.

Seasonal Engagements
Meetings and Engagements Held During Summer

Youth Morning Prayer - Every 1st Saturday @ 7:00am
Youth Bible Study - Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 7pm
*these events are held during the summertime when our youth are out of school*

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